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Lyle Geoffrey Brown

Drummer / Vocalist

Lyle Geoffrey Brown started playing drums at the age of 13. He was inspired by Steve Jordan, Billy Cobham, Neal Peart, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, and of course Buddy Rich. He played three years with the Drum and Bugle core for Valley Forge Military Academy. Upon graduation, he attended University of California, Santa Cruz. He went to college with his brother John who was a bass player and writer. Together they formed “Maudeez”. Maudeez was strictly an original band. Their style was considered Funk/Rock.

Upon graduation, Geoff and his brother went different ways. Geoff began his journey playing with multiple bands and genres in the Monterey area. He played with many top bands in the Monterey area. These bands include “DaBone”, “Trail by FIre”, and “V”. In 2000, Geoff rejoined his brother and formed and a new band, “Two Beans and Grape”. They performed all over Santa Cruz and released two original CDs. In 2006, Geoff moved back to San Diego. He spent the first years networking and backing several bands, to include, “Frankie Dee and the Funknatras”, “The Brokers Band”, “Reggie Smith”, Jerome Dawson and Wazabe Blue”, “The Pheromones”, “Chill Boy”, “Soulraye”, “Plato Soul”, “Not Katie”, “Bumpasonic”, “Danny Langdon Band”, “Kingfish Turner”, “Pandora”, “MarDels”, “High Plains Drifters”, “Atomic Groove”, “Whiskey Spoons”, “Taylor Made”, “HooDoo Blues”, “Tone Sharks”, “Heartbreaker”, “Lacy Younger”, and “B.I.G.”  The experiences he gained from playing with multiple bands and genres helped him solidify his diverse musicality and groove style of drumming.